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We offer counseling for Individuals, Groups, and Families which is available in the office or when necessary in a home/community setting. Issues typically addressed include: Behavioral; Domestic Violence; Impulse Control; Sexual Abuse; and, Substance Abuse.

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COPE offers innovative professional multi-cultural services in these areas: DUI School & Assessments; Education Tutoring / GED; Psychological Testing / Evaluation; and, Rehabilitative Services Mentoring Youth.

Through our Family Skills Development Program we offer individual, group and family counseling in preparation for marriage by improving couples' communication skills with: Adolescents & Adults; Children & play therapy; Fatherhood; Marital Problem Solving; Motherhood; Parenting; Prenatal Discussion Group; and, Separation / Divorce.

Our Fatherhood Program offers eight (8) weeks of Fatherhood skills training for: Incarcerated fathers; Low income / Teen fathers; New / Expectant fathers; and, Non-Custodial fathers.

Our Assessment / Employment Program offers: Group Job Searches; Independent Job Searches; or, OJI / Community Work.

Multi-Cultural Counseling Center

COPE is a 501(c)(3) corporation with a mission to provide education, prevention and treatment services to all segments of the community.

COPE, Inc. and its subsidiaries: the Oklahoma Family Skills Development Program, the Oklahoma Fatherhood Consortium; and, the Oklahoma Fatherhood Program are supported by contracts, grants, and individual/corporate donations. We are culturally proficient, sensitive and specific.

COPE, Inc. serves Oklahoma county and surrounding counties.


Donations of time and money to these programs are always appreciated. Contributions help make life a little easier for our clients and their families. Financial gifts are used directly for participants and social services.

COPE, Inc.
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8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Monday - Friday

Weekend by appointment only.

Fees: Insurance, Medicaid/HMO, and Sliding Scale.



Council on Accreditation
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