Batterers Intervention Program

Certified by the Office of Attorney General


Mission Statement

The mission of COPE, Inc. Batterers Intervention Program is to end domestic violence in our community through education, awareness and social change.



COPE’s philosophy operates under the premise that domestic violence is a criminal activity, is antisocial, learned behavior, and is therefore changeable. Violence, other than for self-defense, is not justified by the victim's behavior and should not be condoned. Batterers are expected to be held accountable for all acts of abusive and intimidating behavior, as they are solely responsible for their actions.


Referral/ Admission

COPE’s Batterers Intervention program is intended for individuals who exhibit battering behaviors. All individuals (adult males/females) referred from the judicial system and DHS is eligible for entry into the program.


COPE’s Batterers Intervention Program provides notifications and reports to the court, probation officer, and other referral sources under the following conditions:

* Admission and forensic assessment batterer report

* Non-performance/ non- compliant behaviors, such as: failure to attend session, dirty Urinary Analysis (UA), incomplete homework assignment, and other rule violations.

* When the individual becomes an imminent threat to self and others.

* Monthly Progress Report

* Service Termination Report


Program Curriculum

Our program curriculum includes the following themes pursuant to standards of the Office of Attorney General:

* dynamics of domestic violence and power and  control issues

* sociocultural basis for violence

* issues of sexism and gender role stereotyping

* non-abusive communication techniques

* parenting

* effects of domestic violence on children/ victims

* developing healthy relationships

* safety planning for the prevention of  violence

* the potential consequences of domestic violence

* establish personal goals and objectives to eliminate violent, controlling and abusive behavior.


 Victim Safety

In an effort to increase victim safety, the program consistently informs victim of the batterer’s progress and in the case of imminent threat or danger to the victim's safety.


Successful Completion of the program requires satisfactory participation and progress of a minimum of 52 group sessions one time a week, without any other known or reported re-offending during the time of enrollment in the program. Additionally, participant must remain abstinence from mood-altering substances, and a reduction of violence and control on the Post-Domestic Violence Inventory (DVI) assessment.