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Help to further the education of many at COPE

Donations of time and money to these programs are always appreciated. Contributions help make life a little easier for our clients and their families. Financial gifts are used directly for participants and social services.

Tutoring / GED

COPE, Inc. offers a variety of educational programs ranging from GED and Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes to individual tutoring. Our GED and tutoring programs are taught by State Certified Teachers who have extensive experience in the education field.

The GED program at COPE, Inc. partners very closely with the behavioral health component and works as a team to best serve our clients. Our classroom serves approximately 6-8 students at a time but has a maximum limit of 12 students. Our GED teacher works on an individual basis with all students to best ensure they are reaching their potential in the most efficient time frame. Small and large group instruction is also provided. growing up with committed, involved and responsible fathers and to increase societal attention to the crisis of father absence. Through community forums, media campaigns and public advocacy these programs will foster discussion and action about the issues of fatherhood at the community, national, personal, and state level.

Over the years COPE, Inc.’s GED and tutoring programs have evolved, diversified, and improved. The population currently served through our GED program is TANF recipients. Our tutoring programs are open to the general population on a sliding scale. We have an on-going enrollment process but do suggest that students call before coming to enroll. However, enrollment is not final until the student actually attends class. COPE’s GED program does serve the requirements of 30 hours per week for TANF recipients.

COPE, Inc. has a variety of success stories from students who have attended our program. We at COPE feel a measure of our accomplishments are reflected by the success of our students.