Helping Children Cope with Divorce

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Help us keep families together through divorce.

Donations of time and money to these programs are always appreciated. Contributions help make life a little easier for our clients and their families. Financial gifts are used directly for participants and social services.

Marriages May End But Families Don't

Divorce is a painful time for the entire family. As tough as divorce is on the parents, it can be even tougher on the children. Children are often caught in the middle of their parent’s separation. With all of the legal and emotional issues you have to face, it’s easy to overlook your children’s needs. Because divorce has proven to be so stressful for children, COPE, Inc., designed a program called “Helping Children Cope With Divorce.” This 4-hour seminar is designed to help minimize the negative impact of divorce on children. Helping Children Cope With Divorce is given by trained and qualified Mental Health Professionals.

Divorce and child custody

Parents Learn

  • How to Explain Divorce to Children
  • Changes in Parent / Child Relationships
  • How to Make Parenting Decisions Based on the Child’s Needs
  • How to Build a Positive Shared-Parenting Relationship
  • Typical Reactions of Children Experiencing Divorce
  • What Adults and Children Experience After Separation and Divorce
  • The Grief Process
  • Emotional Impact
  • Social Impact
  • Financial Impact
  • Community Impact

Children Learn

  • How to Identify and Cope With Changing Emotions
  • Feelings and Loss
  • Anger & Uncertainty
  • Guilt & Anxiety
  • Changes in School Friends
  • Changes in Family Relationships
  • How to Regain a Positive Self-Concept
  • Problem Solving Skills

The children’s group is available to children ages six and older. Children will participate in activities to help understand the impact of divorce and how they can cope with their changing families. Parents and children attend concurrent sessions in separate rooms.