Oklahoma Fatherhood Program

Oklahoma Fatherhood Program

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Help bond the love between fathers and children.

Donations of time and money to these programs are always appreciated. Contributions help make life a little easier for our clients and their families. Financial gifts are used directly for participants and social services.

Fathers Make A Difference

The Oklahoma Fatherhood Consortium (0FC) and Oklahoma Fatherhood Program (OFP) are subsidiaries of COPE,Inc., a non-profit 501 (c)(3) Multi-Cultural Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinic. The goal of OFC is to improve the well being of children by improving the number of children growing up with committed, involved and responsible fathers and to increase societal attention to the crisis of father absence. Through community forums, media campaigns and public advocacy these programs will foster discussion and action about the issues of fatherhood at the community, national, personal, and state level.


Program Details

The OFP consists of several programs: Fatherhood skills training; Incarcerated fathers; Low income / teen fathers; and, New / expectant fathers.

  • Fatherhood skills training is designed to facilitate organizations interested in starting seminars at schools, in the workplace, and in other places where fathers are found.
  • Incarcerated fathers program keeps incarcerated fathers connected with their children. It provides fatherhood training to long-term inmates as well as those being released from prison in order to maintain the parent-child bond and decrease the likelihood that the parent will return to prison
  • Low-income / teen fathers are provided with a variety of services and supports including: counseling, educational / vocational training, and mentoring, as well as peer support groups.
  • New / expectant fathers program is designed to help those fathers develop the skills necessary to be effective fathers. In the case of unwed fathers, this program also seeks to encourage the establishment of paternity. By establishing a secure father-child bond early, fathers are more likely to maintain healthy, long-term, responsible relationships with their children.
"Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers and fathering is a very important stage in their development.”"
David Gottesman