Substance Abuse Assessments

Substance Abuse Assessments

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Help those who may be struggling with substance abuse.

Donations of time and money to these programs are always appreciated. Contributions help make life a little easier for our clients and their families. Financial gifts are used directly for participants and social services.

Together we will make a difference

A drug-dependent man suffers from drug withdrawal while sitting in abandoned building next to dose

At COPE, Inc. we provide culturally sensitive, specific, and proficient assessments. Our assessors are specifically trained to complete assessments and/or are Licensed/Credentialed in the area the assessment is being completed. COPE, Inc. also has one Psychologist on staff that completes Psychological Assessments as requested. We currently contract with local, state, and national entities as well the judicial system.

Depending on referral source assessments can be completed on site as well as off site. When coming to COPE, Inc. for an assessment a client can expect to spend 45 minutes to an hour and a half completing the process. We offer Psychological, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and DUI assessments. Clients are asked to contact our office to schedule an appointment before coming in for his/her assessment.

The qualified staff at COPE, Inc. will work hard to ensure the comfort level of each client and will make sure each client receives the type of services deemed necessary. Through assessments we can determine the need for counseling and/or education for clients. Several different assessments tools are used, depending on the nature of the assessment.

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